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Data Integration – A necessity or a smokescreen?

May 9, 2013

Over the last few weeks, InforData’s resident writer has tackled the tricky concept of getting the business to buy into a Data Management Strategy.  Now they move on to Data Integration…. An equally challenging subject, that most definitely has its roots in IT. But is Data Integration a vital part of a Data Management Strategy, and does it have to be the painful, costly exercise it is so often perceive... read more

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Creating A Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC) – When should it happen?

May 7, 2013

There are as ever, lots of buzzwords floating around in the Data/Information Management arena; Big Data, Predictive Analytics, BI Competency Centre and more. But how important are these “buzzwords”? It has to be said I’m not a fan. It is surely more important to understand what you need in order to manage your data and information better than it is to give it a fancy title? However, whilst subscribing... read more

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Master Data Management – How to make it a business decision.

Previous articles have tackled if and why Data Management should be a business decision, now we move on to the most difficult question – How do you ensure that the Master Data Strategy is owned, facilitated, sponsored and implemented by business users. It is not a simple task. Many business users do not understand why Data Management is of import. In fact, if an organisation gets as far as implementing... read more

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Master Data Management – Why it should be a business decision.

Recently InforData Consulting posed the question; Master Data Management – Is it a business decision? Traditionally the focus for a majority of data related projects has been the purchasing of software and an IT implementation. However, without strong processes and governance, any data management project will be less effective than it could be. In this article, we will take things a step further and try t... read more

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Major Player in the Energy Industry

April 16, 2013

InforData Consulting are pleased to announce their latest client, a major player in the energy industry. The Statement of Work details InforData Consulting to assist in a Financial Transformation project that will provide a consistent, accurate and integrated data set. InforData Consulting will advise, design and deliver the solution, enabling the organisation report off a single application. Infor... read more

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Master Data Management – A Business Decision?

April 11, 2013

Leading analysts agree that to deliver useful information to the business, data must be managed through a variety of tools. Gartner produce their Magic Quadrants for Vendors in all sorts of arenas related to Information Management, from Data Integration, to Business Intelligence, from Data Warehousing to Performance Management and countless more. But is it the tools that provide the key to a successful data... read more

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Data Governance Audit for Genesis Housing Association

April 4, 2013

PRESS RELEASE London – February 2013 InforData Consulting and Genesis review current data management processes InforData Consulting are pleased to announce their latest client, Genesis Housing Association. Genesis is a member of the g15 and one of the largest housing associations in London and East of England with 33,000 homes under management. InforData Consulting were approached to review an... read more

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Master Data Management – Underpinning your strategy with Data Governance

March 25, 2013

  The Client Our client is a leading not for profit organisation for the aviation industry. Since it was founded, the standards practices and procedures developed by our client have helped the industry to grow rapidly over the intervening years. The organisation has grown considerably in both size and importance to the aviation industry since its inception. In itself this growth means that ou... read more

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Information Management and Data Quality: The Siamese Twins.

November 12, 2012

According to Gartner, in a survey of over 140 participants, organizations lose on average £5.1 million every year due to poor data quality. This is a phenomenal amount. And it underlines the importance of data within an organization. Although organizations are aware of the importance of quality data, most are oblivious to the impact defective data has on their business. In business terms, the price organ... read more

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Tales from Gartner Master Data Management (MDM) Summit

February 22, 2012

Two weeks ago, I attended Gartner’s Master Data Management Summit in London. What an event it was, both in terms of information and the people. I took a lot away from the event. What struck me was the oft-mentioned challenges organisations face in their bid to attain a single version of the truth - Data Quality and Data Governance. These challenges were not restricted to organisations intent on imp... read more

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