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Data Quality is no longer Optional – Why?

January 15, 2015

The amount of data held by organisations is growing rapidly irrelevant of sector, size, or focus. Furthermore, the realisation that data is a massive asset is becoming more prevalent. No longer is the issue of data purely a function of IT. With the increasing amount of data and the shift in focus from IT to Business comes many challenges, not least of which is Data Quality. So why has this become a key p... read more

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Master Data Governance at the Notting Hill Housing Group

May 28, 2014

Master Data Governance at the Notting Hill Housing Group InforData Consulting has been working on a major Master Data Governance project and subsequent Solution Architecture undertaking with the Notting Hill Housing Group. The Notting Hill Housing Group Notting Hill Housing is a leading London housing association and one of the most innovative in the UK. We’re also one of the largest property de... read more

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Getting management buy-in for your Data Management initiative.

October 2, 2013

Even during the best economic times it can be difficult to persuade those who hold the purse strings to allocate budget to projects that appear to have no immediate value. Furthermore, with caution in the air and organisations restricting their spending, it is even harder to convince budget holders to invest in Data Management initiatives. How can you build a business case that is concise, beneficial ... read more

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Counting The Cost of Data.

August 19, 2013

A widely held opinion amongst senior management is that data is one of the most valuable assets to any organisation, but what is the cost of not harnessing the knowledge held in that data and managing it in in an effective way? With the amount of data available to all types and size of business growing almost by the minute, it is essential that senior management understand just how vital it is to impleme... read more

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Data Life-Cycle Management: More than a cost saving exercise.

July 1, 2013

So much has been said and written, and will continue to be, about the important role access to reliable, consistent, accurate and timely information play within an organisation. However, despite the obvious pitfall, inadequate attention is often paid to managing data that no longer provide value. One need look no further than the costs associated with managing redundant data in operational applications to u... read more

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Data Management – An Introduction.

June 10, 2013

As businesses grow and expand, and the amount of data stored increases rapidly, it becomes more and more important to manage that asset. In this article, InforData’s regular author gives an introduction to data management and its key components. Data management is made up of several complimentary parts and to implement a strategy that delivers an integrated, complete solution organisations need to take... read more

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Data Governance – Why does it matter?

Data Governance is not a stimulating subject for businesses to consider, however when you delve a bit deeper, one can see just how important, useful and ultimately time and cost efficient it is. With ever growing amounts of data, and an unprecedented appetite for information, it is imperative that organisations maintain a level of data quality and integrity that supports an organisation's needs. But h... read more

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Data Integration – A Necessity or a Smokescreen? Part 3

May 21, 2013

As we have already covered, InforData Consulting believes that any information management strategy team needs to realise that Data Integration is an integral and vital part.  In this article we attempt to quantify why and highlight some cost effective alternatives to the traditional approach. The basics of Data Integration are very simple, disparate data sources need to be bought together to form a sing... read more

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Data Integration – A Necessity or a Smokescreen? Part 2

May 14, 2013

Most organisations are currently facing the challenge of a rapidly expanding collection of data.  This data is often stored in an array of silos; legacy systems, ERP’s, data warehouses and spreadsheets to name but a few, begging the question, how do you manage it and how do you turn it into a valuable asset. Creating a data management strategy is the key to success.  Part of this strategy is to consi... read more

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