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Master Data Management – Underpinning your strategy with Data Governance


The Client

Our client is a leading not for profit organisation for the aviation industry. Since it was founded, the standards practices and procedures developed by our client have helped the industry to grow rapidly over the intervening years. The organisation has grown considerably in both size and importance to the aviation industry since its inception.

In itself this growth means that our client faced a number of challenges in all sorts of ways, amongst them, how to manage, control and make use of copious amounts of data, spread across disparate systems, processes and geographical locations.

The Way It Was shutterstock_66798358

The client realised that there was a need to manage their data in a much more efficient and accurate way. It was decided to embark on a Master Data Management initiative that would bring together data held in a myriad of systems, spread sheets and even paper documents, into one centralised repository. Alongside this they recognised the need to underpin the MDM strategy with Data Governance procedures. A vital part of any Master Data Management project, Data Governance is sometimes overlooked as “unimportant” when in fact the opposite is true. Without a solid and sound Data Governance process, Master Data Management will not be successful, particularly over time.

Despite having put together an internal team made up of both IT & Business Units, there was a need for Data Governance expertise. Our client spent some time researching the market, prior to issuing a Request for Information to several hand-picked suppliers. “InforData Consulting were chosen not only for their expertise, but for their desire to concentrate on precisely the areas that we needed assistance with” says SAP Program Manager.



The very nature of the business means that data is held in many different areas across the organisation. These areas are disparate in terms of both system and process, and delivering accurate, reliable information to decision makers was a challenge. In order to streamline the process and unify the data, the client needed to centralise the data repository, and implement a robust MDM solution.

The project had 1 key deliverable, to provide an updated, supportable and modern system that could

·Manage customer data

·Maintain customer data through an established central governance process

·Produce reports for business users

The client needs to build a central master data management containing customer participation and profile data, (participation type and status, bank accounts, local office addresses and contacts) and have decided to use a 3-phase approach:

·Phase 1 – Define data (study and design)

·Phase 2 – Govern data (construct the MDM and migrate data)

·Phase 3 – Distribute data (testing and deployment)

InforData Consulting – Our approach

InforData helped the client to clearly define the roles and responsibilities needed to implement a robust, effective yet simple to maintain solution for Data Governance. This definition will, over time, be applied across all areas of the business and form the basis of an organisation wide Master Data Governance Strategy.

Benefits of InforData engagement

“InforData Consulting were a pleasure to work with” comments SAP Program Manager. “Totally professional, they concentrated on the things that really mattered to us, engaging effectively with users and delivering the solution that we had envisaged but were not convinced was possible.”

“ InforData Consulting have provided us with the platform to understand whom within the organisation should be nominated as Data Stewards and owners, how data should be managed and the processes needed to ensure the data is of good quality. We would definitely work with them again. “

For more information about our services please email or call on +44 (0)207 518 0386

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