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Master Data Management: More than buzz words


Big Data, Master Data Management, Cloud computing, Data virtualisation are all buzz words circulating the Data Management world. While they may be termed buzz words, to organisations and IT they are not.
One that has aroused a lot of interest and has gathered a lot of momentum in recent times is Master Data Management (MDM). Master Data Management is undoubtedly the most widely adopted data management discipline of recent years. That’s because the generally accepted definitions of business entities that MDM provides are critical success factors for important business activities, such as business intelligence, 360-degree views of customers, operational excellence, supply chain optimization, compliance, and mergers.
Recently, David Tran of ETM | The Independent resource for IT Executives – spoke to a Data Management expert at consulting firm, InforData Consulting. In this exclusive interview with ETM, they discuss the challenges organisations face in implementing Master Data Management, how to overcome these challenges and the best pratices as adjudged by industry experts.
To download a copy of the interview go to Master Data Management: Much more than buzz words

With the ‘buzz’ on and the benefits glaring, for those who have implemented MDM solutions, what a time to showcase the benefits of Master Data Managment!
From the 8th – 9th of February 2012, Gartner will be hosting a Master Data Management Summit in London. It promises to be exciting and insightful. Hope to see you there.

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