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Master Data Governance at the Notting Hill Housing Group

shutterstock_55502899Master Data Governance at the Notting Hill Housing Group

InforData Consulting has been working on a major Master Data Governance project and subsequent Solution Architecture undertaking with the Notting Hill Housing Group.

The Notting Hill Housing Group

Notting Hill Housing is a leading London housing association and one of the most innovative in the UK. We’re also one of the largest property developers in London. We’ve been doing this for more than 50 years and we’ll continue to play our part in creating 21st century neighbourhoods for London.

Master Data Governance

Before InforData Consulting was engaged, NHHG was constrained by the state of its accessible data.

As a large, growing, and longstanding organisation, it produces and stores extensive and complex data that’s subject to many different requirements for both legal and internal purposes. Therefore, it’s imperative that members of staff across NHHG have access to accurate, timely, and reliable data information.

Many of the businesses areas within NHHG had developed their own data reporting systems and business processes, which did not always communicate with a central data repository. Plus, there was a widespread reliance on manual reporting resulting in time being wasted reconciling data on different systems. Therefore, the aim of the organisation was to implement data standards governing the input of widely used data, such as property addresses and tenant information.

Our Approach

The leadership team at NHHG were aware of the depth and scope of the challenges.

Over the course of a couple of months, InforData representatives worked with the NHHG team to review the organisation’s existing approach and devise a bespoke Data Governance Strategy.  Providing them with an audit of the existing data lifecycle, we helped create a matrix of Data Owners within the organisation. Interviews were conducted with key business stakeholders to generate buy-in for the project, capture, and prioritise their particular perceived problem areas. From this, we designed a structure for Data Governance that detailed all roles and responsibilities.

Added Value

During the process it became clear that one of the challenges would be gaining commitment and enthusiasm for the project from the rest of the organisation. While some had a clear picture of what it would take to achieve the Data Governance goals, others tended towards the assumption that it was a job for the IT department alone, rather than a task requiring a business process solution.

In response to this, we put together a comprehensive communication package to convey the goals of the project effectively to the rest of the organisation.

Solution Architecture

After delivering on the first phase of the initiative, we were invited to engage in a further task – to develop a solution architecture blueprint.

By identifying the structures and behaviours of some of the specific problems discovered during our initial audit, we devised ways to leverage the existing technologies, applications (suggesting new technology only where absolutely necessary) and in-house skills, to design a solution blueprint – a set of paths for solving groups of data issues.

This blueprint included solutions for data cleansing tasks, issues of data quality and incorporated an in-built timeline and set of milestones.



“The InforData consultants were a pleasure to work with and brought a wealth of Data Governance knowledge and experience. InforData really understood the challenges Notting Hill has with legacy data issues. We now have a clear roadmap of what we need to do to improve the quality of data at Notting Hill”

 Maggy Dean – Project Manager

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