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Implementing a Data Governance Framework for Yorkshire Housing

yorkshire housing

Overview of the engagement

InforData Consulting bid for and won a tender with Yorkshire Housing to deliver a Data governance and data quality strategy – in order to improve the accuracy, completeness, and consistency of information across Yorkshire Housing.


About the client

Yorkshire Housing is a registered social landlord and housing association providing affordable homes throughout the Yorkshire region Leeds, Bradford, Skipton and beyond. Yorkshire Housing is a registered social landlord providing more than 18,000 affordable homes throughout Yorkshire. They are Yorkshire’s largest developer of affordable homes, and work with local authorities and private developers to build around 300 high-quality affordable homes each year. They provide housing services such as social rent, market and sub market rent, independent living, and help to buy.


Business problem

Within Yorkshire Housing the Director of Resources and Change initiated a data quality project to improve specific areas of the business concern with data quality had an impact on the overall business compliance and performance. The first business challenge was to focus on gas compliance.

Half way throughout the project Yorkshire Housing realised that a more profound data governance strategy was required to address not just data quality but enterprise-wide data governance. The plan was to have a combine strategy that would support the entire business and at the same time established the needed capabilities to implement a successful data governance and data quality strategy to manage internal and external data more effectively.


Our Approach

Working directly with the leadership team at Yorkshire Housing, InforData Consulting conducted a series of workshop to capture and understands the existing challenges. We then defined a data governance model with roles and responsibilities, a data quality framework and end-to-end process for data quality management and an operating model for the data governance group (from defining the key business data elements to establish standards and metrics to managing the quality of the information and track progress.

Over the course of a couple of months, InforData Consulting consultants worked closely with the Yorkshire housing team to review the organisation’s existing structure and devise a bespoke Data Governance and data stewardship model.  Providing them with an audit of the existing data lifecycle, we helped create a matrix of Data Owners within the organisation assigned to business data elements. We created a comprehensive communication plan to generate buy-in for the business stakeholders. Building on the target-operating model we created a detailed implementation roadmap for implementing the data governance and data quality capability.


Added Value

Our data governance and data quality framework was used and easily tailored to align with Yorkshire Housing organisation structure.

Our data quality framework was used to simplify to end-to-end process for identify and managing data issues quickly and effectively.

By demonstrating the technique of data profiling and analysis we were able to show case how data can be analysed quickly to identify specific issues and also how to apply the governance model and process already defined to manage the end of end lifecycle of the data so that it can improve and managed effectively.

We used template and accelerators developed by InforData Consulting to demonstrate how data standards and data quality metrics can be defined and managed effectively using the operating model.



InforData Consulting was able to deliver the following benefits to Yorkshire Housing:


  • With our guidance, managers were able to obtain buy-in from the business stakeholders who now understand the business value of having a formalised data governance group to support data quality across the organisation.
  • Working in conjunction with the Business Intelligence manager we were able top raise the importance of data quality across the business as delivered by the communication plan and strategy.
  • InforData Consulting helped educate the data governance group as to how deliver the program benefits rapidly and effectively, as a result of having a complete end-to-end delivery plan for the data governance and data quality strategy.
  • As part of our delivery we helped YH align their data quality project with the data governance initiative.
  • Using our collateral and advice, YH were able to deliver immediate value by following the data governance framework and operating model to address business issues and perform data error fixes effectively.
  • YH now better understand how best to leverage data quality tools to deliver the business value.
  • YH are now well underway to achieving a well-defined set of processes for resolving data issues. This was made possible by having a data governance forum that operates effectively and quick to identify and propose data fixes in a timely manner.


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