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Case Study: Delivering a Data Architecture Blueprint for Notting Hill Group

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In the course of the past 24 months, InforData Consulting has been working with Notting Hill Housing Group on their master data management, data quality, and data governance strategies. As part of the overall delivery, InforData Consulting were tasked with reviewing NHHG’s existing applications and data architecture landscape with a view to ensure existing applications support long-term strategic goals.

About the Client

Notting Hill Housing is a leading London housing association and one of the most innovative in the UK. They are also one of the largest property developers in London having been providing new social housing for in excess of 50 years.

Business Challenge

During an earlier engagement to help NHHG deliver on their master data management and data governance strategies, InforData Consulting carried out a high-level review of NHHG information architecture. The ensuing report highlighted several issue regarding the underlying system architecture, processes and data management capabilities that needed to be addressed in order to support the data governance and data quality initiatives in the long term. Furthermore, the exercise exposed NHHG’s lack of an architecture blueprint. This situation would not only affect any future data-related design, it would certainly pose a challenge in NHHG’s effort to ensure adequate data quality and their ability to exploit information in the long term.

Our Approach

We performed a complete review of all NHHG business applications and analysed the information flow (As-Is) across all the systems from upstream to downstream. We then analysed the current operating model (process, people and system interaction), and then defined a blueprint to cover the target operating model, architecture blueprint and the people, process and governance to support the target architecture. This exercise was followed with a proposed two-year roadmap to implement the changes.

Added Value

Whilst working on NHHG Master Data and Data Governance strategies, we used InforData Consulting’s technical architecture reference model and adapted it to Notting Hill system architecture.

Thereafter, we developed a target-operating model using the data governance and process model that we had put in place earlier on.

In carrying out our tasks, we used templates and accelerators developed by InforData Consulting to produce a complete information blueprint covering all aspects of data management and mapped it to NHHG system landscape.


InforData Consulting was able to deliver the following benefits to Notting Hill Housing Group:

  • An architecture blueprint to be used as a deployment pattern across multiple IT project to ensure consistency and standardisation when introducing new application and systems.
  • A blueprint that provides information to both business and IT leaders on how to design and deploy effective systems, as well as ensuring data integrity is maintained.
  • A clear understanding of each system, roles, and the information flows to upstream to downstream applications.
  • Using the target-operating model as reference, NHHG is now able to apply the new governance model more effectively to manage people, processes, and information across their ecosystem.
  • An effective data quality strategy that is aligned with the data governance group and architecture blueprint.
  • A design used to implement a data warehouse strategy and solution to support the business needs.




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