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Are you making

informed business


Good business decisions

stem from complete,

consistent and accurate


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Data is a

Accurate information
comes from well
governed data.

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Make Your
Data Work
for You

InforData Consulting’s services
enable organisations to transform
business processes... giving way to
integrated, governed and efficient
operational systems.

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Master your data.

Understand your business.

Organisations make business decisions, which is essential for growth, based on information. The decision-making can only drive growth if the underlying data is accurate, consistent, and complete.

InforData Consulting is a Data Management firm geared specifically towards helping organisations overcome the data-related challenges they face.  We can help you develop a strategy for tapping into your data, paving the way for your business to:

  • Improve Business Processes.
  • Increase Efficiency.
  • Reduce Operational Costs.
  • Raise Customer Satisfaction.

At InforData Consulting we believe our clients deserve robust Management Information Systems.  We partner with our clients, understand their needs, then fuse strategy and theory with cutting-edge practical implementation to deliver first-rate Data Management Solutions.


  • Integration
  • Management
  • Quality
  • Migration
  • Governance
  • Etl